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Yujie Luo

Email: yluo32@jhu.edu or yl5010@princeton.edu

Seminars, Lectures and Posters

  • Reading Workshop: Boundedness and Resolution at SCMS Fudan, gave four lectures on the resolution of singularities, 2021 summer.
  • MPS Conference on Higher Dimensional Geometry, gave a poster, 2022 October.

  • Services

  • Referee for International Mathematics Research Notices.

  • Visitings

  • Department of Mathematics at Princeton University, visiting scholar,Jan 2022--Present
  • SCMS at Fudan University, visiting scholar, July 2021--August 2021
  • BICMR at Peking University, visiting scholar, October 2020--July 2021
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences, visiting student, October 2017--May 2018
  • University of California, Los Angeles, visiting student, July 2017--October 2017