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Yujie Luo

Email: yluo32@jhu.edu or yl5010@princeton.edu

Research Interests

I am interested in several areas of algebraic geometry, including birational geometry, minimal model program, K-stability and GIT.


  1. "Gloal ACC for foliated threefolds" (with Jihao Liu and Fanjun Meng), In preparation (draft available)
  2. "Second largest accumulation point of minimal log discrepancies of threefolds" (with Jihao Liu), preprint, arXiv:2207.04610. [arXiv]
  3. "ACC for minimal log discrepancies of terminal threefolds" (with Jingjun Han and Jihao Liu), preprint, arXiv:2202.05287. [arXiv]
  4. "Shokurov's conjecture on conic bundles with canonical singularities" (with Jingjun Han and Chen Jiang), Forum Math. Sigma, 10, E38. arXiv:2104.15072.[arXiv]
  5. "On boundedness of divisors computing minimal log discrepancies for surfaces" (with Jingjun Han), accepted by J. Inst. Math. Jussieu, 1-24. arXiv:2005.09626. [arXiv]
  6. "A simple proof of ACC for MLD's for surfaces" (with Jingjun Han), accepted by Acta Mathematica Sinica, English Series.